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Zoo Husbandry and Management

Frank Buck Zoo

Wildlife Conservation and Research 101

Location: TBD

Partnership with Frank Buck Zoo
Grades 9th-12th$95

Offered again this Summer 2024 with Dates and Themes outlined below!

This program will give high schoolers special behind-the-scenes access at the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, Texas where each day of the week brings on a new adventure! You will spend your days at the zoo, gaining and learning practical skills through a combination of:  ​ Animal Care Staff and Veterinary Shadowing Lectures Hands- On labs Animal Handling  Training modules and Much More! ​ Program Highlights Small Group Instructions Groups are kept to ten or less in order to receive personalized instruction, ask questions, and build a mentor-mentee relationship with your dedicated teaching veterinarian and zoo staff.  ​ Frank Buck Zoo Spend a day at a zoo that is home to over 150 species of animals right in your own backyard or within the great state of Texas.  ​ Hands-on Experience Enjoy lectures and labs covering topics such as: suture techniques, reptile handling and restraint, avian anatomy and physiology, large animal physical examinations, and more.  Earn Volunteer Hours Receive up to 21 volunteer hours which acknowledge your hard work during your experience while on program, as well as apply these hours for applications to get into future animal care or veterinary opportunities.

Grades 6th-12th

Telemetry, fecals, hiking - oh my! This program will give middle schoolers and highschoolers a taste of what it is like to be a part of a wildlife research project. Subscribe to our mailing list below to get an update on the program as soon as it is confirmed!

Dates & Themes: 

June 10th and June 24th

Expand your knowledge about the diverse world of the zoo's feathered friends. From large or small, herbivorous or carnivorous, and everything in between! Come soar with the bird team and study these amazing species. 

June 12th and June 26th

Lizards, Snakes, and Turtles - OH MY! Get an up close and personal view at the many scaly friends that call the zoo their home. 

July 8th and July 10th,
July 29th a
nd July 31st

Ever wanted to work in a veterinary clinic or thinking of becoming a veterinarian?! Come learn various topics and skills to provide you with a solid foundation in order to succeed in your future animal care opportunities.
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