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It's hard to know what you are paying for without seeing it. So we have provided some visual representations on why you should sign up for a Worldwide Wildlife course today!



Zoo Husbandry and Management:


Lizards, Snakes, and Turtles - OH MY! Ever wanted to see what a course that gets you an up close and personal view with the many scaly friends that call the zoo their home would look like? Well now is your chance! Click the image of the snake to see some of the activities you could do while attending the Reptile course. 

Zoo Husbandry and Management:


Ever wanted to expand your knowledge about the diverse world of the zoo's feathered friends? From large or small, herbivorous or carnivorous, and everything in between! Click the Macaw image on your right to take a peek at some of the activities you could experience with the birds team, and study these amazing species. 

Bird Portrait
Veterinarian Examining a Bunny

Zoo Husbandry and Management:

Veterinary Medicine

Ever wanted to work in a veterinary clinic or thinking of becoming a veterinarian?! Come learn various topics and skills to provide you with a solid foundation in order to succeed in your future animal care opportunities. Click on the image of the veterinarian in order to see just what this course has in store!



Annual Event: 

Teddy Bear

 Bring your favorite stuffed animal from home and get ready to do a physical exam on your furry friend, scrub in for "surgery", and much more at the Teddy Bear Hospital! Click the image on your left  to take a peek at what is in store for your "honorary veterinarians".

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